Teees (:

Friday, August 21, 2009

Woke up early for my final step interview, B drove me to coll. (: and ofcourse, i passed my interview. Gratz me!

phew, either next week gonna experience on B's turbo. Pray for him please.

not forget to mention, went yum cha session with buddy ytd night and sad case tonight's dinner cancelled. )): I miss you both budds !!!

Everyone's living good (:

ah, sienness tomorrow gonna have the actual rehearsal and MAKE SURE everyone attend. else im gonna give up my DIRECTOR. sienness. -.-"

forgodsaken my stomach ain't feeling good these day. Bad Gastric for almost 3 days. tsk!

H1N1 , what you call after you die for H1N1 ?
answer: H2N2 , because you die-in-peace "V" .


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