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Monday, August 03, 2009

went pc fair ytd, we took lrt putra line there. GOSH! for once in my life i went pc fair, for once in my life i got crowded in lrt. =/ people are scary!! btw, had Old Town White Coffee for breakfast & Carlifornia Pizza kitchen for lunch. bought nth =/ definately. hahaaa!

ahhhh! damn regret i did not apply for the job @ PC fair, grrr! wait for me, i'll definately work at the next pc fair. =p MONEY!!

today's schl was okay, and i called for the rm5000 ringgit says its me but NOT me =/ nvm, tmr =)

drove today, =) shiok! and i can almost rmb the whole TPM, not really yet but soon =))))

aaaa, i need cash for shopping =DDD pe-lissss 0=)

and i need new perfume, just 3 more months im gonna finish my Nina Ricci. =/ my babe, Next target! DKNY Pink Apple, =D

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