Everything is just ..

Friday, August 07, 2009

my day was OKayy.
i love my arrangement inside my pinky cupboard. (: nicely arranged and neat. but gonna redo the out look, abit cacated already. =/ shopping this sunday, or next sunday !!
phew, for once i washed allll my dirty clothes by myself this morning, and all clearly done in room. nice and perfect :)
had tom yam for dinner and went for tong shui & ice cream potong strawberry flavor for supper ;DD
tmr saturday, taking lrt again and history class again ;/ and quizz about history, sei mou? sure *oh-oh*
my room smell so fresh and nice for the whole day, i dint mean my room doesnt smell good before that aight. -.-''
aight, gotta upload pics in fb. :D taaz !

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