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Friday, July 03, 2009

gwashhh, im feeling outdated =p

for the finally i've relinked everyone. if i missed you, pls tag. =D and sorry for the late relink. =/

ahhhh, finally my maths test ended!! thank godness i could remember ALL the formula, more than 10 mann.. crazy, but ahh, non even more than 6 formula is out i think. but nvm, im satisfy with my work =D i know i've done the best. i have confidence to pass but hopefully i dont get C =)


next whole week, english test.. AAAaaaaa. nothing much to study anyway.. hahaa..

Lols, im thinking if i should change my blogskin.. ? but i dont have much time for a period. mayb i will but later. =) be patient!!

btw, if you do notice i've change my blog's song too. this is my current addicted song. it have a true and real life and touching story behind the song. u may google it yourself, there's a million results of it. my tears couldnt stay after reading the story. =/ R.I.P little lovely couple.

lalallaa, tmr's saturday. and it's JULY !! and im having my final exam on the 20th of JULY and there's just another 17 days more. and and anddd.....

Im not gonna fail anything, trust me =D i mean, how hard is it only 4 subjects.. =D

L-O-L !

and after that i'll be FREEEE like a bird gone out from the cage. !! kekekees.

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