The First time..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Second Semester has started and i can say 70% of it is totally bored me to death and 30% is kinda interested and wait, i have no finish saying..

Last class was 4pm-5.30pm and before that 4hours break time, so we went in to the class and sitting there PATIENTLY to wait for the tutor and 4.40pm, there's this man, a lecturer or smth, came in and helped us to check and came back again to inform us that THE CLASS HAS CANCELED! i mean, we've been wasting HALF DAY time, and no reason we've wasted out life time. ISH!

fine. BABOONS.

well, i've wrote my FIRST resume and cover letter. LOL, u don't ask why. =p

aaaa, gonna prepare for tmr's class and hope for no COMPLAINS. =/

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