How you look at it.

Friday, July 31, 2009

How a child would be is how a parents be.

How a Teenage above 15 be is how you, Yourself behave.

How could people replce a KID with a 10year old that-know-to-how-to-behave teens ?

I don't understand, this is Sake.


Don't judge about the staement above, comments are allowed.

Aaaa, if you have catch up me on my twitter, you would know that I've woke at 9 just to catch up morning crew JJ & Ean. =D

btw, I felt asleep just now, can anyone tell me whether anyone has take away today's rm5k ? I dont hear any announcement. ish! Im curious =D

Aaa, this is Boring ! another half day to go. =/ tell me lah! what to do ??

Cash Needed $$ !! im broke, gonna bankrupt.

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