If you think so.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yes, thanks to the SCARY LINK that linked in my FB and my ITCHY HAND clicked on it and AAAAA and ended up room's light on and rolling on the bed for HALF AN HOUR WASTED!

PDSM done. and yes, as i said so PDSM isnt that hard IF YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS.. but urghh, topics that i've memorize hardly only comes out ONE question and the others that i HAVENT end up there FOUR question. so, conclusion, ME GONNA JUMP FROM KLCC. wth.

yes yes , tmr MATH paper, not that TOO HARD FOR ME but STILL pray for me =D

and and and, after tmr 12.30pm, PARTTEYY TIME !! ngekk.

will suprise you tmr =D i mean nothing suprise but STILL. IDC =p


aaaaa, i just remind back, FORUM =D i was a forum addict but just WAS. =/ sien.

thanks baby for bringing me my fav fruit JAMBU =D wtv it call in eng. =/

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