Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's just too numb to cry.

a mistake that should not have taken, though it's already a past.

a mistaken that should not have repeat again, but it just did.

A Disappoinment should not have repeats again, but it just did.

A tears should not have let it flow again, but it just did, and it's right infront, 5minutes ago.

What should I do to stop the mistake and the disappoinment ?

I've tried my hard and I thought no body will repeat the mistake again, but who knows ?

I'm sorry, that I buildt the mistake, until now.

Useless for me to regret, my mind is blank, and it's too numb for me to feel sad.

I'm sorry, I've disappointed you again.

I promise, I will not disappoint you, anymore.

I've tried my best, to do my best, and I did, and you see it.

And I promise, I will disappear the mistake, and it'll nvr happen again.

I promise.

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