Parties & Party.

Monday, July 20, 2009

1st paper has just ended and coming with 2 more on this thurs & fri.

today's paper was ok, i admit i am not interested with this subject and i really studied just right ytd night and this morning. =) hopefully i can pass. =X

ahh, gonna stay at for another 2 days , a " fattening day ". Yes, i called holiday as a Fattening day cos whenever im at home stunning i'll just want to eat eat eat and eat. =)

yesh! i got 5 boxes of Beryl's Tiramisu and 1 box of Lint Lindor =D and i just finished 1 box of tiramisu within 2days. that's slow, =X I just love Beryl's & Lindor !!

yea, party is on the way planning. =D ngekk. hopeful it'll sucess. GOD can you hear me? hello ?

you know, days like that can really turn me into a baboon. i mean, I AM NOT but it's fun calling everyone baboon like " yo baboon " or " hii baboon, what you doing? " LOL !

thanks to the " father aka boss of the baboon " .

sieness, nothing much i can do when online besides MSN & MUKA-BUKU & BLOGGING whici you only BLOG about CRAPS & CAMWHORE when bored. =/


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