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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wazzup Hitz HitzDotFM!

yes babe, just got addicted to Hitz and yea, been starting to listen since morning 8.30am till now.

haha! no choice, im just addicted to it. because *You Don't Know* =ppp and yea, im into Adam the hitz party crew. hahahaa! shhhhhh.. he looks HOT!

btw, i've gotcha 3 peeps ytd night, and waiting it to happen =D ngekk ngekk, i bet i'll laugh till rolling on the floor.

btw, today's class was okay and isn't that bored, made 3 A4 poster about auditions, quite fun and stupid lap computer isnt working well, hahaa, another lab's comp couldnt log in few peepo's acc, LMAO.

yea babe, on a ride with Mitsubishi Airtrek with turbo just now for 15minute. I lurvey =D

btw, added twitter @ side bar and the main page that's not navi to back to that page, so catch up before u start clicking those navi, else you'll have to refresh the page and that's all you can do. =)

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