happened that happens,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Don't ask what'swith the emo post for the last minute and what's the crap title for this, i have no idea.. just leave me alone for 5 minutes alright.

things that happened, it'll pass.

to let it pass, we must let it go.

for not letting it repeat again, we must not repeat it again.

learn from the mistake, and replace it.

look forward, and things will goes better.


aight, my day wasnt that bored, TODAY.

went starbuck for yum cha and finish up our assessment in 2 hrs time, then moved off to Da Chang Jing had lunch, mayb we should say it's our brunch =)

Ben & Heng. =)

well, my grandma just loves to make friend with my friend. *ahem ahem*

so they entertained her =) and also i borrowed to play my Sims3 for awhile.

SAKE. OSE is on monday and im here, typing maniac, blogging, mukabuku, what else? argh !

tmr, role play REHARSAL is tomorrow. am i gonna dead? of being a baboon director. Sake!

well, i just love BABOON this word and already addicted to it. =)

BABOON sial!


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