It's the ending ..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pretty real fast .. 13 weeks ended and coming the 14th week for finals and 2nd sem. Gawd.

finally my drama ends and damn i did not manage to record my team's sketch. grrrr, due to phone's battery gone dead. =/

days are pretty boring. i wonder if just 1mint party, could it just happen my life. ishh!

due to auto-banned, already delayed and rejected to yum cha with my darlingss, !! i miss you guyss. aaaahh ! im gonna crazy man.

fine, wait for me after my final =D

i've been driving this week and it getting better. whoo !

sake, have to understand and memorize those BUSINESS. limited capital, unlimited liability. THIS IS SAKE!

and and, 2 more days have to hand-in an assessment, 4 more days gonna sit for BUSINESS subject for final. BUT im still here blogging ... happily.. LOL.

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