Can you feel my heart beat ?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

20more hours to start my second semester. this is really fast. blink an eye, first sem finish and everyone like best friends, together all the time. =)

it remind me of my high school, with my best buddies darlings. aaaa, BFF i miss you guys. =/

finally i've finish cleaning my room and looks fresh. ngekk.


just another hour, am gonna out to buy my study cloth. =)

i miss the party on that night. =) i love those moment. Darlings, where are you guys? aaaa !! i miss you guys so so much !!

aaaaa.. what the hell i aaaa? LOL. boring.

damn lifeless la, but i enjoy. XP

OMG, did i mention that i only have friday OFF in the 2nd sem? aaaa, well. nth to complain cos the timetable quite flexible and free. 3 classes per day, atleast 2 half - 3 hrs break each day. Fun ? quite but wth gonna do with those FREE TIME/BREAK TIME? unless there's assignment but what if a NO?

forget bout it.

lemme see, how many babies i have? ngekk. Love all my babies. =D and babe.

can somebody just ring me ?

*ring ring* . =.-"

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