It's just... brightened my day =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Helloooo readers, =) im back for a moment. my cpu just sent to upgrade ytd and it's been lagged for period so makes me couldnt manage to online.

well, last 3 weeks.. i cutted my fringe and this is how i look after 3 weeks. LOLs. secondly, i've changed my nails' design last week, =D

and third, this is my new baby =D c905 pink last two days!! ngekk ngekk, syok!! same goes to my sis. i mean, we both loves to own the same thingss ever.. =D

aaaaaa, days been tiring preparing for presentation. aiks aiks.
what's on earth there's a Malaysian Studies every saturday ?
God knows i never every study about malaysia , even know a thing about malaysia either.
who cares. but i'll TRY my best laa okay =) if only it would break my world record. teeees!
OMG la, what's on earth my life so sien? i have to auto-ban-myself for a month. i mean no body gonna ban me but myself, *automatically*. ish! what rubbish is this mannn. ( you don't wants to know the reason aight! )
sien banyak.
aaaaa, my frens been playing MAPLE currently, i think like for months already. Damn! i want to play la, as some people know imma maple freak. awwwww!! my mage still stuck at the same level for like almost 1 year and I MISS PRIVATE SERVER!! it's damn syok you can reborn as much as u like. fuih!!
what should i do ? now ? later ? ahhhh, i miss my cpu but nvr mind. i have my baby, with wifi =D syok nyehhh. eh, wifi eats battery damn fast. grrrrhh!
alright, i should... entertain myself or mayb SS with my baby. kekeks.

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