Appreciate before you lose it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ahh, i know im seriously superly outdated. i just finish watching Marley&Me and it is so so touching and as usual i cried =/ i love doggies so so much . it reminds me of effing CHINA MONSTERS EAT DOGS! *kill them*

for the final decision, i am back to SE C905 pink one =D ngek ngek, gimme 1 week time. i'll comfirm getting it next week =D ngek ngek. i've got one-sight-love with this phone when it first came out. =D imma camwhorer i admit, i love the spec so much and it's camera with 8.1 cyber chot though i dont 100% trust neither believe cyber shot in phones. but no wrong give it a try. =) plus my current phone is toally half dead and poked a hole in my heart =(

ahhh, i was so stress previously. she, assignments and everything but it feelings good and better now after all. =)

for godness-sake i miao-ed and oink-ed these day. even turned into half oink and miao neither. hahahaa, it's a.. btw me and my schlmates. they are fun and nice anyway =)

ahhh, where would u go if you have 7hrs to spend ? damn, i couldnt think of anywhere and it'll be too rushing to genting. where else??? damn!

btw, appreciate every single thing you have/own now. even though they make u to hate them/it. =)

baby i love you.

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