it's too tired for me to continue.

Friday, June 19, 2009

for god sake, im growing mushroom the whole day.

been online the whole day.

been eating chocolate the whole day.

been.. uhhhh, how bored my life is.

i've got no word to describe how i feel now, god knows.

it seriously tiring, im really.. energyless..

i flip back the old pages, i see the smile, the laugh.. it doesnt seem like happening now, again..

i know, i have to be strong.. but i cant stand anymore.

my tears couldnt stay anymore..

i'd rather, to keep myself alone instead.

i should, just stay in my own world.

i've been telling myself, tomorrow will be a better day.

i agree, but it's just a lie. nothing's better either. it's all the same, and repeat, and again.

fcuk it.

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