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Monday, August 30, 2010

I lovey my MU merchandise :D It's official one kay, not the one from pasar malam or where ever fake one. (: Given by my aunt, like a year ago. But i never wear, even forgot i own a MU merchandise. Till recently MU's match only i remember. (p.s: I dint watch the match, though i do love Rooney :D)

Was to blog yesterday, but due to some idk-problem then i gave up and do my assignment instead.

Went around Shah alam yesterday. No, wait. Was down to Klang for brunch first, Bak Kut Teh ♥♥♥ then off to Klang Parade, mummy wanna get her jeans so i get 2 pairs too XD Skinny jeans, black and white. fyi, i never buy long outing pants for like few years already. And i only own 1 long jeans for 4 years i think? Which i already never wear for very long. No joke (:

Then off to Klang Eng Ann near by for Tea time after that and supposed head to Gold Coast Morib,  but mummy checked online it's just 80% done, so we were heading to no-direction. On the way back, mummy turned in Shah Alam, she said she wanna go find back with daddy's wedding photoshoot that garden. LOLs, *sweet* ♥♥♥ and next to Laman Budaya. (fyi, mummy love bringing us to visit Malaysia's wtv idk. I can say we almost visit whole Shah Alam, not all la, but most and i will never rmb what/where/name of it -.-) LOLs.

Me lovey my outfit of the day.
Top, bottom, bag = all from online shop
It's been really long since i last dressed from top-to-toe pink. Like everyone questioned me, :"Jieyi, why are you into black recently?" Hmm, idk. I love professional style when i go to Uni, Plus i dont really have Pink formal. unless i dress semi formal/casual, else i'll probably be in white, grey, black to Uni. Oh, not forget grey is my new love. ♥ but pink is ze forever love ♥♥♥ 

My new fave drink. Aloe vera + honey (: Mummy even bought me 1box (14bottles) . and i've already finished 3bottles today. =/

Uhhh, assignment is due-ing so soon. Like next monday!! and me and my group, or me myself, keep delay the work. =/ gotta OT for the whole week liao lor. Sei mou ):

Well, merdeka is tomorrow. Im proud to be a Malaysian. No joke. But .... fine, i'll keep it myself. (!@#$% ann wan seng! you tube him if u dont know, then when u know, u will hate him like we do)

I remember we used to go for Merdeka Countdown, then slowly we dint. LOLs. Lazy wanna join the crowd.

sorry for all the vain pictures XD

Teeehees, (: ♥♥♥

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