Home sweet home

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Im home! im always home, it's just which home im in :D 
Ahhhh, nothing could be better than my 7years-own-room with full of my stuff, my rubbish and not forget my beloved Teddies that took all my space on the bed. 
Sometimes i even got kicked down by my same-size-as-me teddy (: But nao i squeezed her and hug her everything so she cant kick me. ;p

The picture shown is just one of my 4years piggy, which i have 2, one is cube one is flat. So the mummy and daughter. ♥
I can never finish counting nor remember the number of teddies i have in my room and also i never want to throw them away.
I just can't sleep well without teddies all around me, seriously. 

And yay, Photoshop for the ♥!
though im not using cs5, but atleast cs4 first. 
As i was saying earlier, all my cs4 products were perfectly working fine but only both PS 32-bits and 64-bits aint functioning -.- 
idk why, but nao it's solved! 
I can never live without PS, no joke. I'll be mushrooming if PS not alive nor with me. Because i aint a a-lot-things-to-surf-online person (: So, offline entertainments are superbly important to my life especially media stuff. (: 
And i used to Maple to avoid mushrooming but nao i have cs4 and Mario and Donkey Kong! HAhahaa :D 
So, go ahead off my modem (just kidding)

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