Rojak Updates .

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Yayyee, my N900 USB cable is back! :D

I've got all my photos from my Nbaby into my lappy nao.
So some rojaks updates.

random p.s: Having yummy Honey Gold Flakes & Pure Lemon Water *sour ><*

p.p.s: All pictures in this post taken with N900.

#1 Remember i said i've lost 2kgs in my previous post?
Here's the prove:

*ignore my fugly toes*

Happee, :D I wanna lose another 3more kgs. I promise it's gonna be balance diet kay?
Diet Tips 1: Drink Pure Lemon Water everyday, especially morning (:
Diet Tips 2: No sugar early in the morning.
Diet Tips 3: 1 big glass clear water after woke up.
Diet Tips 4: Exercises (sit up/push up/own massage/wtv..) before sleep and morning woke up.
Diet Tips 5: Take the stairs in your college rather than the lift (:
Diet Tips 6: only eat 75% full (: Or 80% lah, haha
Diet Tips 7: A must eat vegetables everyday. Cut down some meats. (:
Diet Tips 8: (to be continue)

#2 I lovey my Flora top and Lacey shorts. Only rm 25 for the top and rm20 for shorts. Cheap kan? From FB online shop, i dont rmb which @@

#3 If you did follow my tweets, i did mention that my room is now redesigning/renovation.
Things 1: Super single bed --> Queen Size bed
Things 2: Small wardrobe --> Bigger Wardrobe
Things 3: (actually everything change)

I must not deny that, i have really a lot stuff. Pack till i crazy. Even clothes like, a lot -.-

#4 I've got Panorama in my N900, :D Not only Sony TX5! keke,
Ofcourse, camera image quality is just ..... I prefer my C905 camera (: and I still have my Nikon Coolpix S620. (:

Phew, assignments are all around.

Computing and IT in Workplace √
Introduction to Management √ (done but haven hand-in)
Interactive Media and Web Design X (otw) Due: 6/Sept
Mathematics in Technology X (otw) Due: 25/Aug
Introduction to 3D X (otw) Due: 24/Sept

Was taking a break while packing my wardrobe.

N900 has a good quality under a bright sun light, (:

I lovey Landscape photos with N900 (:

I was camming using webcam reflect ^^

That's all for now, (:
Sorry for all the vain pics.
Let's end with a better quality pic (: With my baby Nikon Coolpix.


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