Why lie?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why do human lie? to get what they want happily there? and think it can hide forever so the other person will never know and he/she will feels "oh, he/she nvr lie" ?

No one is lying to me right now. But im not in a good mood. Not because of no-pinky-wall for my room, or i-cant-solve-my-maths or my-web-assignment-due-so-soon ..
Ugh, i don't know how to explain. There's just something to bring my mood like this. I wish my brain can stop functioning one second, (okay, i might be dead that time) I wish my brain can stop thinking for 1day, sounds better?

Fine, you may say i think too much or too sensitive or whatever. But it's normal being sensitive and thinking too much towards a person you love so much. I wish i don't fall in love with anyone right now . It's been so long i love you, but i always have question marks "Why would you rather treat me like this?" Well, I'll give a fullstop for this. I'll never ask.

" You decided to leave, im deciding to leave. But i can't, if i would, why do you think im texting you, wanting you, and all you in my mind? You forgot to reply my msg, right. I believe you forgot, i'll assume you were so busy. Yes, i clearly known how far you have gone. But i can't help following behind your shadow. I wish i could tie my legs and sit at the stop. I thought i've already moved on, but  no. Till i notice you will never look back, you will never text me, you will never eye on me neither a second, i am here missing you every moment. I tell myself, i'll just leave and life still goes on. Your everything, clearly tell me, i should not wait, anymore. Your everything, clearly tell me, you will never come back to me. And i tell myself, i will never forget you. And i tell myself, i will keep you in deep down in my heart. Because, I Love You. "

You don't need to know, if it's a lyrics, poem or if it's a true message from my heart. (well, i know there's no such broken sucky english poem nor lyrics)

I'm tired, like always.

I'll just say, mens are just the same. Forever, like you guys say, girls are the same.


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