They jump on my bed! :D

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's been few days since i blogged. Was busy for assignment is one of the reason, if you follow me on tweet/fb, im busy clearing my room for new furniture move in :D I can say me, mummy and sis non stop work hard to pack my room stuff and take off the old furnitures. I even only manage to do my assignment after 11pm.

Before i talk about my room, wanna share something to you (:

I mentioned in twitter/fb, that im wearing cheong sam to Uni because they are celebrating merdeka on thursday and have some best dressed thingy, but sadly it's after 4pm and i gotta be home before 4pm as my furnitures will reach around that time.

After that day, i hate wearing cheong sam, because i have super flat butt. ): and imbalance body shape. *sucky*


back to the main topic.
I got light peach wall instead of light pink wall ): and light pink door atleast. (:

and pink window, so better than nothing (: Mummy said light peach will make my room brighter and bigger and daddy nvr like pink because he will forever tells me pink = indian -.- How damn sad is this.

I captured this after the two man finished and while they are doing my dressing table.  It's a 6x8ft wardrobe which also consider not enough for me =X

Yay yay, after 2 and half hours, my room is done! I lovey this bed, because it's with diamonds. Me and mummy was wanted to get a thicker headboard with diamonds but it will be abit longer and block my door, so daddy found this for me instead (:

In case you wanna know, wardrobe+dressing table+side table+tv rack+bed+mattress=rm3.7k
well, some people says "wow, that's chep lor." and some said "errr wow, it's my whole month finance." I think it's worth rm3.7k, fyi, this bed wasnt with the set, i replaced this bed frame instead cause the actual one i don likey ;p. Actualy set was less than rm3k but after i replaced this bed frame and chosen this mattress, bili bala rm3.7k .. I love you mummy.

Mummy gave me her new set bed sheet, *awwwww* my sis doesnt want the comforter so i gotta use back my single size comforter, (: (fyi, my room got no air cond, but i must have my comforter to sleep at night because in the mid night, my room with my fan will be like your air cond room with 20 degree temperature) :D

 *woots, my wardrobe has reflection (:

I cant help taking pictures with my new dressing table. I always love big mirrors in my room because im vain enough. hahah XD wokay, ignore the messy wires, i haven got a way to keep them. It's my phone charger and laptop's adapter. Spot the pink box there, there's another box under it. It's all my decoration stuff, my bearbrick, and small teddies.. I don't know where to place them, ): I wish i could decor them but where? so i'll just leave it first. =/

I almost cry yesterday when i was deciding which and what to throw and especially my small teddies that i used to decor them beside my bed last time. and also confirmed that i have to throw/sell/donate all my japanese magazine. I used to collect them every single month. which rm8/mag. i've got like atleast 2years = 24 magazine of each Cawaii! & Popteen = 48 total. Atleast only. i still got some others, sighs. My collection. I dont wanna say goodbye to them ):

Okay, let's end this with babymilo.

Yea, hun got this babymilo sticker for free. It has light reflection. So it's superb nice at night, if you shoot red (brakes lights) then it turn shinny red. If you shoot yellow (ur car front light or reverse light) then it will turn to that color. Cool kan? Okay, it's the DSS shop at Taman Megah where Teamamicizia car team (hun's car team) , the made their stickers there, *thumbs up* (:

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