Be@rbrick AKB48 is the ♥

Friday, August 06, 2010

tell me tell me it's awesome ♥ !!
If you dare say no, your not a cute fans, nor bearbrick fans -.- then shoo shoo ! ;p

It's been so long since i last update about  Be@rbrick and i did today because im down and i usually searching new and my-type be@rbrick cheers me! (:

It's abit late to say this, but AKB48 is awesome much aye!
I must say overall it's my top number 1 be@rbrick, i love doodles kind stuff and it's so awesomey cute.

Know what? it's designed by all the Be@rbrick Heart members, or Heart Be@rbrick members (:
I must own one! it released on July, like 1 month already!
Most probably i need to go all the way to Garden at MV to get it, as it's ze main Be@rbrick store.

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