It's Ze Sunday, (:

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Uhh, it's sunday but somehow a tiring day.

p.s: I love my new contact lens so much, Barbie Super Nudy Brown.
Cos i feel the sexy wild eyes XD *wink*

Out fit of ze day.
Jacket - Zara
Top - ManiQueen
Shorts - Online Shop

Went breakfast at Kota Damansara then drop sis at curve for some Canadian musical concert. Then off to Sri Damansara to buy my Damansara Apartment new sofa also to check out my room's set.

My apartment new sofa (: Aunt pay for it.

Then, also spotted my bed and wardrobe and dressing table. Overall, the whole set 3.7k with mattress. All white (: and some black for the table and wardrobe -.- i hate black furniture, no joke. But no choice, fine. My bed changed to queen size, from super single (:
My room is just a store room small size, so these three things (queen size bed, 6ft long wardrobe, 3ft dressing table) is just right fit into my room. I swear, my room left only a small box space to walk. Else, just jump onto the bed.
And my stuff is just, overloaded. I couldnt fit another cupboard, so now i gotta start thinking what to take off and how to place them. First i'll confirm throw or sell away my japanese magazines, my collection ): Sobs.
Was still discussing about my wall color. It cannot be white because it cant cover the wtv-idk. But i've already decided to take milky pink, as always (: But there's some no-no. See will decide again ):

Ahhhh, my fugly room for 1 week. ):
My uncle will come up to help me to paint my room on this coming wednesday.. Then hopefully it can be done all and by saturday mummy will ring the furniture company to drive the furnitures over. (praying everything can go smoothly) I dont wanna live in room like this for so long, i hate it. =X


*woots, randomly took this picture. I likey my eyes.
p.p.s: i love my new-way of make-up (:
Yea, i cutted my finger this morning while putting on make-ups. (you should know if your following me in twitter) I've got no idea how it cutted, well, i should say i better not say it out how -.-

Hatey maths for nao, because i cannot understand this three blardy questions. -.-
Most of ze questions are based on add maths, which i did not take the subject in my high school. fml.
so am nao suffering from it and also suffered in my past semester in my foundation year. ):

Wokay, im really tired. My leg muscle hurts ): I helped to carry my old bed frame today and going ups and downs.

Look at the messy face after all work.

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