Welcome my new baby (:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Im back to blog after a week of laziness, busyness, sleepless, idk-ness .. 
So .. gonna blog about .. 

I've got new phone! (: 
Yes, you'll be like "your new phone?" or "i thought you just bought C905 last yr?" 
My C905 is now officially 1yr old + and im changing a new phone, *fyi, i aint rich -.- neither trying to follow the trend.*

New trend now is iPhone/BB right? i think so, but i aint using both now..

Yup, ze Nokia N900. (:
Grandpa actually bought it for me, You are right, he loves his granddaughters (:

This is how i get N900 :

Grandpa: Jieyi! come help me see what phone is this?
Me: Oh, N900 nokia, consider new phone bah..
Grandpa: Nice a this phone?
Me: yea i think, i nvr use Nokia idk =/
Grandpa: *gimme EON Bank brochure* you see this, how much for this phone?
Me: Hmmm, *look look* Each month installment rm89, pay 18months, total rm1602.00
Grandpa: So cheap a? Help me sign, i wan buy and play..
Me: You wan buy this phone and PLAY fun a? Why don't gimme?
Grandpa: Ok la, i buy d either my e72 give you or this la ..
Me: LOLs, *help him fill up and walk off*

I was seriously just joking with him, i nvr expect he's taking seriously ..
and 3days later ..

Grandpa: Jieyi, the bank approved d. You dont play play a, i pay edi one arh ..
Me: Oh ...........

I was like, stunned !

3days later ..

Me: *walk in the house, just back from coll*
Grandpa: Jieyi, nah.. got edi..
Me: OH! .........................
Grandpa: Idk how to use, give you lah ..
Me: Oh ...........
Grandpa: Nah, the things in the box .. bla bla *
Me: Oh .......... Thank you yeh yeh ..

Basically my reaction was *STUNNN* . -.-

First thought was, "Nooooooo, my iPhone & BB gone ):"
Second thought was, "Okay lah, N900 a nice phone too (:"

Somehow sad is because it's so hard to get my mom approved to get me either iphone or BB .
Aiks ):
If you did follow me in twitter or facebook, i did yelling and sobbing earlier about this joke. LOLs,
But now im find with my new baby, it's been 3days im with it (:
Let's welcome it aite?

It works abit like iphone with touch screen, can screenshot, fully touch screen, it can also be my mini laptop (: 
Im now signed up prepaid internet unlimited rm15/week. Because after so long calculation, I still stay with my D'campus since i sms alot than calling .. Though i can use rm5/day but it will be very expensive, so why not sure rm15/week with D'campus (: I can unsubscribe anytime i wan and subscribe again (: 
D'campus is ze love!

But also, many thanks to JackieLoi for guiding me about it cause he's a N900 lovers, i think and now he forced to sell his baby away .. and getting BB =X i think .. 


I manage to get a pink theme and i put in my own favorite wallpaper (:

screenshot of my Conky app. shows how much my phone working .. This taken this morning, as you can see the time.. but i wonder how can i show the date on top.. Imma date-blinder =X

Not forget to say i love the way it shows my sms conversation, it makes me feels like MSN cause since i sms my fnf list for free plus it's like a msn conversation window, :D (Nono screenshot for that, haha!)


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