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Monday, August 02, 2010

Gosh, blogger taking my life to upload just two pics which im gonna use for this post. I almost gave up but i ended up watching dramas with popo while retrying non stop. 

IDK, my brain aint functioning properly. I can't think of my assignment. 
Both due on 17 and 20 August. Screw me! 

I've been staying my Damansara apartment since Saturday and going back Section14 tomorrow. 
I love staying here, i make me feels like im my age.
And feelin more freedom here, though i dint go out but i just loves here. 
The differences between my houses (: 

So, nothing much been up my life lately. 
Still da same, like never special. 
Sometimes i just cant wait for being 21. But i afraid it might just end very fast, and i might miss curfew life with strict home rules. (: 
Imma homey girl, a mummy girl too. 

I just thought of something, i shall make a post about Pinko's Rules :D 
Ngekk ngekk! Nah, it's not those like no copy-cats bla bla wtv. It's gonna be special abit and it's JieyiPinkabell aka Pinko's Rules. (: 
It's gonne be the 

Gaah, i supposed to do my assignment today for Management. I hate business management -.-
No interest at all. I always ask, "WHY do media gotto do with Management?" But im sure there's a reason WHY

That's all for now, to just keep my blog updated. 
Jackieloi my blogworld or twitter or nuffnang or idk where i know him, my friend he has a fanpage nao at fb! 
I was thinking to have one, but i aint popular, no many readers, no fans. So i rather avoid gossips (: Prolly making one when im 20? or after this sem? (: What do you think? 

Teehee ♥

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