Ze 21st Birthday ♥

Thursday, July 29, 2010

28 July 2010♥

I can not blog about anything, but i cannot not blog about ze 21st birthday! Which is not mine obviously. It's Hub's ♥ 

I must say i've started the plan like ... beginning of 2010? I know it's stupid early but i was too excited because it's Hub's 21st birthday and he has never been celebrating with friends (which he wanted so much) and sorry hub i couldnt get you anything nao. But i hope the celebration was great for you (: 

My first plan was Curve Red Box but due to all's late confirmation so changed to Curve Garden but most of hub's friends working at OU so changed to OU BBQ Plaza but some said it's somehow expensive so Final plan at OU Seoul Garden. But still, much thanks to all of you who came for the dinner (: 

It was kinda hard time yesterday, we reached OU like 630pm but none of them there yet, so i was trying to pull him somewhere to delay the time but at 640pm i decided to bring him to Seoul Garden for a rest first, cause we both are seriously starving and tired and i have no choice because Choon Ming went to collect my cake for me at Curve Secret Recipe (don't ask why at Curve instead of OU) 

The cake is stupid heavy, like 1.5kg, it might be light for you but it's darn freaking heavy for me! 

around 7pm, we decided to eat first, else we both will end up gastric, so not good lor hor. 

I reserved a table for 10, and when we both sat down hub asked "alot ppl come meh? siao a? 2ppl sit so big table" i was like, shit! trying to make him shut up and eat. (Fyi, he know nothing about the celebration. Even his friends all pretend busy not gonna teman him :D thanks peepo!) 

Cause we left the car at car wash, so he went to collect his car key at 740pm and so kewl most of them gathered at OU, so i quickly ask them to come in and when hub came back from taking his car key, he got shocked and so happy :D ♥ 

I shall skip the happy-chatting-eating part. I'll leave you with the pictures in fb. 
Then, i went to collect the cake at OU Secret Recipe (which i requested to keep there first) at around 940pm. Thanks April Wong for the accompanied :D 
We almost spoiled the cake surprise part because hub went out to smoke with his friends. (yes, he smoked back!) 

and then ..

*aiyak, don have the bring-in-surprise pic*

Are you spotting on the cake design? 

Taadaa, i did it myself :D and everyone like "i wan his head" "i wan his breast" LOLs.. 

ze pig making wish (: 

awww, *hope you wish come true hub*

Okay, it's a Moist chocolate cake and you don't have to know the price for this custom made cake if you don't know. Which makes me almost bankrupt. (which i am now -.- )

And ze cake is superb hard, i terpatahkan the knife while cutting for everyone =X 

yes, the gay partner (: and Jacky is trying to
act me in the picture. HAhaha! *fail laahh doink!*

Jacky's present for hub? LOLs. 

Group pic of the gays :D 
Top-left to right: Gary, Jacky, Daniel, Nick
Bottom-left to right: Eddy, hub, Teck & Bee

Group pic of the luis :D *im the fattest among all, fyi* 
Top left to right: Rainee, Jo, April, Cheryl

So, what would happen if your celebrate your birthday with friends? 

This is ze result! Chocolate facial mask :D Nice bo hub? 

So who don't agree they aren't the gays

I promise i'll never touch his right face!! 

Call him ze Kawaii babi (: 

They went second round at Mayang Tea Time for a lil drinking. 

♥hub, hope you enjoy your 21st. (: 


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