Lazy bump!

Friday, July 16, 2010

hello! yea, call me the MIA-lousy-blogger.

I've been busy with idk what, and sick sick sick always ill ):

So yea, i've got my hair cut today, ze kiddy fringe is back (:
Some updates:

#1. My Moral exam is tomorrow but nothing's in my head at all.
#2. Im having my 1week sem break next week, (: *free for hangouts!*
#3. Spain won so i'm ill because of lack of rest, Yes, superb weak body.
#4. i wanna join McD's "What's my G?".
#5. hell i forgot what else.

Fyi, it's been like ......................................... more than 5 - 6 years or more i never eat KFC, neither walk-in the restaurant.
Out of a sudden, i received a letter from KCF holdings.

and i started to laugh non stop after reading, because i wonder how i got this nor sign up for this.

Snaxdotcomdotmy .

*recalling recalling*

probably i reg in that website if i not mistaken. (lazy want to check, nah!)

lalalala, i shall get my ass off to study. I don't wanna fail again like my Malaysian Studies.
I hate Lans Subject ): *screw youu!*

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