The forever JieyiPinkabell (:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Yesh, i did this ! when i was tooo boring this afternoon (: 
Hahaha, most of them said nothing change, no grow-up-faces .. etc. 
:D If you notice, my hairstyle is all the same since i was young till now. It's my trademark somehow (: 
I love my short kiddy fringe, it was all started from young, mummy my personal hair stylist :D 

I went through a lot old time pictures, and some other people's. Well, i must agree that nothing much changes how i look like :D NO ? 

if you see the mature-look JieyiPinkabell is because she has a longer mature-sexy-kind look fringe. (: 
I never change, im just improving and growing, don't you agree? 
It reminds me of, high school time. Everybody non stop spreading and saying i've changed this and that. But only my BFF  knows whether i've changed or not, they said NO. I never change, im just growing up with different thinking. But after all, i am still the one you know earlier (: 

I am nonstop listening to Only Human - K nao. Somehow in love with the song because i memang love this kind of emotional song. (: haha, Imma very-much-feeling person or wtv you call it. With 1 mood, with 1 emotion i can rewind many many past. I can even start falling my tears when i recall smth else, doesnt matter if it's happy sad or what-so-ever. (: 

Nah, i'll stop here crapping myself. (: 

give you ze longer-mature-look-fringe JieyiPinkabell lah. :D 

p.s: JieyiPinkabell can be as mature as sexy as you want, but overall she's just a kiddo-naive girl that you know earlier. (: 

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