MIA Blogger.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I know imma suck blogger, for not updating on time and MIA all the time.

Reasons why:
A. The Vampire Diaries addiction
B. Lack of beauty sleep causes tiredness & laziness
C. WC previously, i watches Germany & Spain both matches on last Saturday night.
D. Disappointment of Argentina
E. Ding dong ups and downs illness
F. Running out of topic to blog
G. Imma suck blogger -.-

Four things to talk about nao.

Spain tomorrow night and i'm planning to stay up to watch (:
Since my thursday morning class cancelled.

Eclipse tomorrow night with Jo but she not confirmed yet due to transportation.

Addicted to this drama show :D

Paul Wesley is my new boyfriend for nao :D
Stephen Salvatore in Vampire Diaries♥ *hugs*
He's damn effin' hawt babe!

And same goes to Nina Dobrev is superb sexy and hawt!
Elena Gilbert in the show (:

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