I love you Nuffnang! Preview: Eclipse

Thursday, July 08, 2010

First of all, i love you Nuffnang for giving me Eclipse premier screening @ Ecurve Cathay 9:30pm 7July10 (:
I went with BFF, Sam.

People always ask, what's so exciting about premier?
Well, i don't really know too, seriously.

1. I can watch first before everyone else before it officially up to cinema?
2. Free tickets?
3. It's once in my life i'll have "premier screening for Eclipse"
4. It's Eclipse!


So here a lil preview of Eclipse.

Some highlights.

1. Edward & Jacob funny scene, fighting over Bella.

I must say my first time laughing so much in Twlight saga series. XD
Edward and Jacob is pretty cute when they keep argueing for Bella and Edward non stop reading Jacob's mind. hahah!

2. Bella's finally decision: Edward, She's agree to marry Edward (:

How sweet was that? Everyone must be thinking, "finally Bella & Edwards is going to marry" :D
Teehee. (Cant's wait for Breaking Dawn, to see them marry, having half-vampire-half-human baby)

3. Victoria builded up a newborn-vampire army.

Reason: To kill Bella as revenge of Edward because Edward killed James. She wants Edward to feel how it feels when he lose his loved one.

4. Scene of Wolf+Cullens vs Victoria & her army.

p.s: I couldnt google that fighting scene.

I must say it's really cool on that scene! The wolfy joined the Cullen's team against Victoria team all because of Bella, even got envied by Rosalie because.. (go watch yourself) :D She's powderful powerful!

More info click here

Yay yay, can't wait for Breaking Dawn (:

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