Photoshop is everything ! :D

Monday, July 26, 2010

I suppose to blog on the weekends about my weekends. :D But due to the "timeless" (i am aint busy XD)
anyway, im here to blog about photoshop :D and blog about my past-weekends later ..

before i continue ..

Lovey my new flora tube dress, which bought from my anti-main-land. *ahem*

Nice? i rate it 7/10 bah.

Color Balance do make your image different and more alive?
This is after Color Balance (:
I rate 8.5/10 ?

It's done by using Soft Brush, Twirl & Wave Filters :D

This is ...... idk what i should name this. :D
It's done by using Lens Flare, Wave & Twirl Filters. (:

well, rate this 8/10? or 7.5/10 lah.

Last but not least..

Done by using Gradient tool, soft brush, blur filter & Brush (:

I rate this 8/10 (:

or view my Deviant @ Here (:
My so called portfolio, my photoshop artwork (:

Do comment kay?

Teehee !

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