Spain For The Win!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's the finals! WorldCup 2010 Finals (:

i'm on SPAIN (:

Raise up your hand if you are on Spain Not.(:

I believe majority of fb-er & WC-er know this Paul Octopus. LOLs, Let's have sashimi!
hahaha, i wonder how true is it.
It says Holland first then nao Spain?
IDK, but also majority people gonna fry it, sushi, cook it, bury it, bla bla whatever people gonna do with that Octopus.
And from no where this Mani Psychic Parrot? says NED. LOL!
It's funny seriously. Hahaha, previous WC doest have all these "animal decision" thingy right? Hahaha, on the GER match, Paul Oct chosen GER ftw and it's true. Hahaha!

No comment, another 2hours to the match.
Friends all at AC and somewhere, but im gonna watch alone at home ):
Be ready for my spams in tweet & fb :D

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