Up up to the hill (:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sorry, was abit syok sendiri.
FYI, i never officially up to Genting with hub. We did once but it was ruined and was with families and bunch of friends. So yea, our officially up to the hill today, only two of us.

Ofcause, bringing my baby pig is a must.

I dont really know the timing from pj up to Genting. But we reaches there within 50minutes.
Because the so called drifter "flew" and "speed" all the way up and it only takes 20minutes or less. It almost gave me a heart attack, i can hear the tyre "zzzzzz" that sound.

I must say am not use with those Genting road, plus with the drifter. So somehow i feel abit dizzy when we reach there and also when we going back. I can feel something chocking out.

ya right, the so called drifter.

we left at 9:40am from my house and reached Genting parking nicely at 1035am.

So ...

Checking his car is a must every single time. The oil meter thingy stick is actually melted because of the turbo is over heated or smth. No picture for that cause i was busy camming myself :D

the 15 yr old girl huh?

We then went to walk around the park and anywhere we can with no directions at all. LOLs.

We pretty much love the weather there, it was awesome, my ever wanted living weather :D
It's so so damn cold and windy. OMG, imagine im living there :D i can have beauty skin!
But nah, i don't prefer coming up very often cause im sure i'll get bored. Hub says he'll drift me up once in awhile :D

p.s: it is not easy to favor him to bring me up, i've asked and pleased quite few times already and only today he say yes :D (cause he said, :"i cant be making your bored with such life right? so i shall bring up and have fun sometimes mah" . )

We stopped by Old Town before we home.

Hahaha, the fatty hub look. He's wearing two pieces.

While waiting for food. It's time for pictureees :D

I've uploaded them in fb, (:

So yea, after a early tea time, it's time to home.

it's only 12pm and began to smokeyy, so hub says better go down soon else if too smokey it'll be a hard time for him.

we can barely see the front road actually ..

wokay, a picture before we home (:

We left at 12:20pm and reached hub's home at 1:15pm.

Pictures from my Baby instant cam. (:

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