Morning update (:

Monday, July 19, 2010

Im having my 1week sem break.
Which makes no different in my life.
I'm still gonna stay at home. (: *waiting my phone to ring*

hmmmm, out of a sudden i feel like drunk drinking. Not water, i wanna try Starker Beer the new and fresh beer which everyone commented naise (I actually went to do research about it)
You know, i dont rmb if i ever had drunk before. No right? Jieyi never drunk (:
Somehow i feel like getting drunk for once, so i could just numb my emotional feelings, ban down all the thinking that i wanna stop thinking for awhile.

A big question for my readers (or i dont have one) :

What you wish to read/see/get from 

reading/visiting my blog?

Reply through comments kay?

Before i end here, my latest nail design (: and im planing to do leopard design next.

p.s: im inlove with leopard since last month! ofcourse, only pink or black white leopard :D

taa, teehee (:

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