Pinko's driving diaries.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

LOLs, wth im using this title, in watching too much "The vampire diaries".
hahaha, nah! i just wanna categorize my driving post :D

Yes yes, im driving alone to coll with mummy's biggy waja!
(okay, you might think, how hard is it?)
I have to like make a report call my dad tell him im home, im in coll, i parked the car..
(so your now thinking, my god your 19!) - like what-so-ever-your thinking.
And so if your my old readers or you know me, im livin in a kind-of strict family. (:
my curfew, 10pm or not more than 6hours outing or not more than x times going out per month. :D

Yea, you people might curse badly if you have such family, but hey, i love it, seriously.
i've got used with it, yea, though i do complain sometimes cause i have what myself want and when ppl rejected your want, who don't get mad?

Back to topic.
I love my day :D Like serious!
im falling a sick, was so dizzy, feelin like im floating when walking but after i drove perfectly to coll, i've got cheered!
I even sang while driving. Awesome!

I then drove home myself, after the rain.
:D Happee, who want go out with me next time? who need a lift?
hahaha, if only you dare to bump in?


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