Im just down down down ..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I don't have my phone usb cable to upload pictures from the phone, so i draw this instead.
Picture says everything, im feeling so down and emotional now..
I cant explain reason why, i just wanna go out from this house and need some one to accompany..

I've been stomach no-feeling well for like 3days already.
It causes me no appetite at all, makes me barely eat these days.
Though i've lose 2kgs already (say yay!), but i don wanna treat my stomach like this.
Im trying to eat something more, but i just cant.
part of my stomach, the bone there is painful too ):

Finally im done with two assignment. Both due on this friday and next monday.
I still haven hand in cause i haven got the form from my lecturer and also it's a group assignment so some part haven done by my groupmate.
But atleast im so relax now. and tmr start with another assignment. which due-ing on next wednesday ..

I was planned to blog about MU Rooney, but suddenly my mood swings badly.
But still, vote for for Rooney, MU if your the fans. Just click on the link and view the post, and your done kay? It's easy as abc, so do it right now! (:

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