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Thursday, September 09, 2010

LOLs, ignore my babi face.
Sorry peeps, i am forced to not-blogging for the whole damn idk how to describe week.
Stressful, miserable, everything, for god's sake. Everything stop here with the fullstop.

The whole is only flood with ONE assignment. I must say it's all our fault for doing it so last minute.
or only the 3days i can say. Or i should just call this as a project instead of assignment.

everything like, a disaster. 6 sept assignment due, 7 sept presentation, 8 sept maths tech test.
and the whole week only stress with the one and only assignment project. and studied like 5hours before the test.

But nevermind, there's always some distraction.

Lovely sister's 21st birthday (:
p.s: in case you wanna ask 'i dint know you have elder sister' . she's my cousin, but we're like real sister.

How nice is that, she's 21 already.
But me no jealous at all, i don't wanna turn 21 so fast, am not finish enjoying my life. 21 is nice i know, but what else can be nicer below 21? like no more childish no more kiddo, no more college/uni fun and lot more things that 21 above can nvr do.

p.p.s: i always repeat saying this 'i never regret i've ponteng-ed so so much when i was in high schl' Yet, i enjoyed alot!

It's true, i mean, can u even now taste the ponteng feeling again? plus ponteng-ing in college/uni is nothing, not a big deal at all. But in high schl, you can have so many rules to break which i used to break them all, my uniform is an example, i broke all rules on my uniform, NO nametag, sleeves folded up, broken dress, dress full with my doodles, i don't pin up high on baju kurung, ankle socks, own design art schl shoe, wear bracelet and necklace and mickey mouse earing.

Yes, the basic schl rules. But also enough for me to get, wtv warning form, i dont remember the name of those warning forms. and i must say, through out the whole high  schl years, i only got caught not even more than 5times.

I miss those days so much, sitting at the stairs while changing teachers, or either if we don't like that subject, we'll just walk out with nonsense reasons then sit at some stairs, stay at counselor room, sleeping in pbsm room.

It's a must-have fun in high schl! I enjoy doing those stuff so much, i probably think it's stupid and childish now, but hey, this is part of study life! you don't only study in schl, and point we are going schl is not only study too, right? Enjoy!

and there's no rules to break in college/uni anymore. so much stress and worries compare to school time which you can just don't hand in your homework, ignore your attendance and all.

hahaha, enough for schl talk.

Not forget to mention that my baby instant cam boom down on the floor that day on my sis birthday, and now scratches on her. I almost tears, sighs. ):

and i was a photographer for that day, with her dslr and my baby (:

This is my assignment! that me and my friends been working for. It's a 200 pages assignment, crazy kan? people do like less than 30pages or not even 50pages. But we've got like 102storyboard, 102 webpages, hahahaha .. nono, me not giving out our website, it's ugly. ): Or mayb i do need feedback too. http://holidaymalaysia.orgfree.com

Jacky, and Winjau, my beloved groupmate for this project. (:

I shall end this uninterested post. but support my blog kay?

Next post will talk about Westine Hotel stayover and Time is Love by Titus (:

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