Time to save !

Monday, September 27, 2010

How big sob, i am soon to bankrupt (i know i might say this for hundred times) but it's true for nao. ):
I always suka suka then McD, suka suka i go Sasa and rm150++ fly, suka suka i tutti frutti rm30+ gone, suka suka i starbucks rm12+ gone, suka suka i eat sushi rm??? gone .. and the list goes on .. 

I was like this before, that's why i can suka suka fly my money off ..

But nao ..

Cannot liao, Purse got a very big hole, bank account even big hole ..
Within half a month, rm350 gone. Half month weih, rm350 used to last me for 1month + .. But now? 1month also duno how much ..
Suka suka then ask rm30 or rm50 from hun, Sighs.

I must start controlling my usage, this is basically how it will be. ):

No McD, no Chicken McNugget and my Hot Chocolate is such a big SOB in life.
No wayyyyy man ):

So i decided maybe TWICE McD & Starbucks per month only.

 Better than nothing la right, just like all the smokers. Ask you not to smoke at all in the whole month can anot? Cannot right, McD & Starbucks is totally my drugs ): Actually Tutti Frutti is my new drug, but so sad that day spent rm36 for two bowl of Tutti Frutti, mummy pay but sitll .. OMG ):

Imma now working hard to look for job (high pay job :D) and study hard and learn hard in PS and designs, so i can look for freelance design project next year (:

p.s: i know my PS skills and designs are totally S-U-C-K max . ):

p.p.s: I've actually questioned myself why i'll be in the IT world, i should have go for beauty courses or broadcasting or advertiser courses, i love those actually. Big Regrets nao ):

The war is on, but i KO down the first paper (: So happy !
Idk why am so hyped the whole day, especially after my Maths Tech paper. BUhahahahaha,

Kay la, i3D paper tomorrow. I shall study study (:

I do study kay? (: Dont play play..

Teehee, ciaos!

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