Colour dé Tears..

Monday, September 13, 2010

Me no busy, but lazy. 
Sorry, too not happening life, and too many pictures to blog, plus it's still in my phone and cam, so it takes time (: 

well, i'll never be lazy to share my work (: 
Because, your comment(s) is very much appreciated :D 

This is my final design, for my assignment. I can't think of any title and design.. 
And there's this day, or these days, i was so down, crying alone at night, some topics brought up with bff, so this design came across my mind. 

Title: Colour dé Tears
Description: Stay cheer no matter what happens.

After im done with this poster, i feel like making my movie with this title :D haha,

Saying about this girl, with no friends, perhaps, everyone jealous about her, dislike her, and she always got betrayed by her trustful girlfriends and bffs and got treated like a toy. End up, she have to live with fear everyday in her social life. She worry if she got betray and treat like a toy. She cries alone in her room, at least once in a month. As days goes by, she found her two bff, which they 3 lasted for many years and she believes it'll be forever.. But somehow, there's always a distance between the girl and her bff, they are guys. (blah, i can't continue writing, im totally writing about my life)


p.s: Look in to this poster, and comment (:
p.p.s: Look in to this poster 5more second, and you suppose to feel something, so tell me your feeling on this poster (:

I wanna go eat my marshmallow, byee :D

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