New blog header is the love (:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Who's going for Digi iPhone4 carnival this weekends? :D Im not sure if im still going or not, since that i am not going for iPhonefour now. Planning to get one by end of December but most probably im going for the new gen itouch 64gb (: Well, it gotta depend on my finance.

yeaps, changed my blog header.
Honest speak, i am really bored with my blog layout and i know it's messy. So sorry for that.
I designed this header yesterday night, wanted to change it right after that but photobucket went to bed already, keep dc my upload.

In case you cannot see what's the little colourful thingy there ..

Learnt this from some website, (:

I always love google-ing some photoshop tutorials. (: To improve my photoshop knowledge and skills and ofcourse to know more about designs, As im taking the Web Media Technology path, plus im sucks in designing, My Drawing SUCKS max.

There are two more typography i learnt but among all three i love this the best, the other two i think it's simple and nothing special about it.
I've posted it in twitpic and fb.

Degree Level1 sem1's assignments are all finally DONE. and exams begin next week, 5subjects but 2weeks exam.
Good too, cause i can have more time to study since i wont be studying during the weekend cause i'll be working for the weekends till end of my exams (:

p.s: I haven study anything yet, No Joke, exam is like 3more days and nothing in my mind YET.

Okay, i always last minute but i can do well (: but i can hardly score an A. ): That's my study level, unless im into that subject, else just give me a B.

Working was okay, am happy that i get to know some girl-friends from work. Hopefully i could get the fear off, i really need some girl-friends badly. Sigh.

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