Sasa is the love (:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So long never go shopping, I remember last time i used to watch movie and lunch/dinner with hun and friends at shopping mall and i'll definately walk in Sasa with no doubt and i'll walk out with a hole in my purse.

Went OU today, cause was too boring and my brain just cant store anything so i gave up studying and walking around the house, repeat and repeat. Then, the kind and the queen finally decided to bring their princess to the nearest shopping mall to hunt for dessert.

Had dessert at MyHoneymoon at OU's, they came up their new dessert, Ice which similar to 100yen's ice and i can tell it's really sucky! and next stop will be Sasa (: I can't help walking in.

And this time my purse is so pain, again. 

Bought these, haircare and dollywink eye liner. I din't want to, but my MAC eye gel liner is finishing and somehow drying, my aunt ordered maybeline's eye gel liner but not here yet, so i decided to give a try on dollywink since people said dollywink is nice bla bla ..

I only have 1 and the only pair of dollywink fake eye lash, which i love it so much. It's true about dollywink's fake eye lashes, it's really nice. But urm, these two eye liner (pencil & liquid) are not waterproof, i din't realize untill i reached home and tried. Big Sighs. thinking if i should give up, though their packaging is pretty adorable but , idk . thinking ,, ..

Bought this hair mask, as i was yelling and whining so much previously saying that my hair mask is still not restock yet, i give it a try on this. Hopefully it helps. Since they are now having discount, only rm19.90 for this, (:

Liese, i uses their product. My Sexy Girl hair treatment is finishing real soon. So that's why im desperately need to walk in Sasa to restock my haircare product. Since im using Liese cocktail haircare, i decided to buy this to give a try.

And this, (: my hair aint dry, just not moist enough and long hair always have split-ends especially your not rich enough to go to the salon for hair treatment.

Overall, i've spent RM170 in this 4 items, sighs. My whole month finance..

They gave me this free gift. I was wanted to buy up to rm180 to get their free gift - Sasa make up brush set, but i dint make it. =/

Hmmmm , big spender .. thank god im starting my work this weekend. But salary out probably at nov . i'll be working on 18/9 - 10/10 , weekends only. Visit me or lunch/dinner with me kay? (:

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