Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2010!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I've got many things to blog and yet i always no time to blog. (alasan banyak -.-)

I din't want to be a lazy blogger, but i seriously have so little time to blog. But after this, i'll begin to blog regularly, I love blogging i love my blog kay (:

It's 2010 Mooncake Festival, or u call it Mid-Autumn Festival. 
It always reminds me of those old times, me and my family used to celebrate at home, playing lanterns and candles, with a big family i suppose. 
As years goes by, there are getting lesser and lesser families members celebrating CNY, or what chinese festival like we used to have. 

At least this year's Mooncake Festival isnt that bad, we celebrated along with my sister's birthday. Everyone gathered around outside of the house, playing lanterns and candles, eating mooncakes, drinking tea, chit-chatting .. (: 

Today's moon is really round and bright. But not that big as the past years. Still, 家好月圆,一家团圆。
Nothing can be happier than the whole family gather together, chit-chatting and playing around peacefully. I hate family's problems. Or Families' problems i suppose. 

I do love staying in a big family, with my grand parents, uncle aunty, cousins. Though it's really happy and happiness, i do appreciate thou, but when it comes to family argument, complains, all the nonsense family problems, i cannot take it. Im not lying. I cry whenever my mom and dad argue, i've got this habit since i was young, but even now i do. I felt very sad and i dont like parents arguing, my tears will just fall and my dad always says "it's okay, it's my fault, don need to cry, everything will be okay" . I know who came up with argument, i know a couple sometimes do have problems and end up in argument, like you have your thinking i have mine .. But still, i can't take it when i see my family members complaining and arguing .. 

It's been very long we last bought lanterns, i mean, we do have, but those are old one, we barely buy lantern on purpose, only candles, we usually uses back the past yrs lanterns but my grandma bought a packet this year, the kids wanna play (: 

Playing candles is a must for us, haha.there's no reason why, (: 
I remembered, we used to place the candles around courtyard. Then we'll be singing and playing around with the sisters cousins. (: Ofcourse, we do have only my own family members, the 5 of us, sitting at the courtyard playing candles (: 

It's so hard to get my families members to sit together, had dinner, chit chatting .. My both parents always come home late, not everyday but most of the time. I can hardly have dinner with mummy, only the weekends. And i love the mother-daughter talking session we usually have once in a while (: 

Isabell's birthday, i bought her the cake and all of us kept it secretly and she really assumed that non of us get her a birthday cake, so she pretend her 4 egg tarts as her birthday cake, LOLs. 

Happy birthday sister (: I've got so much to talk about, but i decided not to continue too much. 

Random ones:
Last time when i first left chinese school (primary school), and stepping in to a pure english-bm school, it took so much time for me to get used reading and understanding chinese, not saying that i don't know english, i learnt english since i was young, and only me. my both sis spoke chinese and nvr in english when young, but mummy taught me english since i was young. 
After years, i've got used with english and ofcourse my english improves alot, but still suck now. I barely go in to a chinese website after since i left chinese education, and now it gotta take me sometime to understand a chinese website, LOLs. back in 2years time, i cannot even differenciate the word "log-in" and "sign-up" in chinese word, haha, I even mess it up. 

I joined twitter since ... 1year ago? or 1year plus plus already, i don't remember. So it became i never type in chinese nor write in chinese. Neither reading anything in chinese. Got la, but once in a very very blue moon. 

I came across some friend's blog, and found this website, similar to twitter but it's in chinese version. So i signed up and give it a try. Weill, it took me half an hour to find the word "setting". Hahaha, i gave up and i decided to click one by one to understand what are they. 


I've also added the widget at my sidebar, (: 
That's all for now first, i wanna blog about vaseline and solvil titus so badly, i even got ideas to blog about, but i still haven mange to take pictures for the two post. Wait for me kay? (:

Teehee, Goodnights! 

Happy Birthday sister Isabell,
Happy Mooncake Festival a.k.a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival :D

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