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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Since im, bored max. Just came back from fishing with the guys, total 9 of us. Weather is freaking, OMG.

Updates about my raya hols.

Went overnight at Westin Hotel, KL. 2D 1N .

Checked-in at 11am, then off to Pavillion ♥ for shopping. Me aint rich, i cant afford anything brand in Pavillion, neither Guess. All my lovey branded bags are definately from my lovey richy aunt. (: They aren't fake. 

A very candid one @@

Off to Starhill for lunch. There are a few restaurant, which only rm3.60++ per dish. Eat all you can, mwahs! 

Buahaha, superstar babe!

Had japanese for dinner at Pavi. 
 Many more pics, kindly proceed to my facebook (: 

Highlight(s), that i did tweet on the day. 
My baby Nina Ricci now comes with pinky apple. A-must buy for me, kekeke. I have their red one. So pink one is a must have!

I wanna chop my legs off, the giant elephant legs. ):

Home the next day, but not forget we had buffet lunch at the hotel before we leave. (: 

Then home first, 

mummy's prezie for us from Korea, as usual (: 

Just some here, and guess what? only rm3 each! cheap max weih! 
More seaweeds too :D 

Off to yum cha with BFF♥ at night, it's BFF's birthday (: 
We had a lot of fun, words cannot describe. We had a few different conversation within the night. 
I exceeded my curfew, home at 1230am, hahah, but we met up at 10pm++, and BFF always have long talk :D 

Take 1 - fail
 Take 2 - still ok lah 

More in facebook (:

Not forget that i've tweeted on Sunday, We made onde-onde . Yummy :D 

Fishing, if im not mistaken, it's my second time i think, fishing (: But first time with the guys. 9 of us. 
The two macam pro je. Hahaha, macam yes only. 

Kay la, the weather hot till my brain not functioning well. Kinda headache. Teehees (: 

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