Mind Controlling ..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today's paper was, Okay (: i meant, JUST OK. 

Dont want to talk about it dy, ..

I was starving badly after exam, i din't take my breakfast and i ate less these days, so im fast-hungry now days, . Hahah, eat eat eat !!
I was thinking McD, ): Like so badly. And Pizza, and when i was freezing in the exam hall, Starbucks called me ): 
But i waved at them, and had char siew rice instead. =/ and bak kut teh soup made by hun's parent. 

How BIG SOB lah, can think cannot eat. 
Some of you may say ;" Funny lar you, eat only la" 
But im really broke and really big spender for the September. Not only September actually. 
I finished my rm1.5k salary in less than 4months time, even last yr's 3months salary total around rm2k++, i finished within few months. God's sake man. 
I still remembered my last yr first month salary rm800 i finished within a month time. Not even a month i can say. 
*self smack* 

If i don't start controlling myself now, im gonna die in future. 
Mummy only give rm200 pocket money each month, which i can say is JUST enough or actually not. Depend la. 
And no other income, only my last yr and this yr work salary. But it's already habis-ed i suppose. 
Now i gotta wait till 1more week or more to get rm200 from mummy. And after this job salary come around november.. 
Tsk, i don't even dare to ask money from hun already..

Ahhh, somebody intro me some high pay job please? I pretty need job, plus i'll be having 5weeks break after next week. 
I can't survive with 2 times McD/Starbucks per month. 
Though McD is really bad for health, but i rmb i used to have atleast 3 times McD per week, and twice Starbucks within 2weeks. 
BIG SOB jieyi . 

Im craving for fruits so badly, and movies (:
I wanna go watch movie, sooo long never watch movie in cinema. ): Another BIG SOB. How i wish i could watch movie once a week like i used to in the past few months. I miss those life, spending money like no ones business. ><

fms ): (f* myself) 

p.s: i dont fml, cos no point fml also. 

*self punch* 

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