Saturday, February 02, 2008

it today.. the dae im waiting (:.. todae.. im supose to go to sunway for shopping wit my dear n his new car wit a happy mood.. but in the end.. we'v cancel it..cox his car is a manual car.. n he just started to drive his new car n haven biasa wit it.. n he scare sunway will jam n dis n dat.. so i make my decision.. i say don wan to go .. i don want u to go wit a worry mood.. for wat right?? ofcox.. i feel so sad.. cox it not easy to go out wit my bf.. my dad dont allowed n finally i so hard to grab a chance n go out wit him.. n yet. finally it CANCEL!! n so now.. my mood turns to bad mood from a very nice mood.. ytd night.. i cant sleep cox im so hapie dat i can go out wit my dear today. but sudenly early morning we on da fone.. n cancel d.. i lagi cant sleep cox im so no happie d.. sighs.. !@#$%^&*( my moood is just soooooooo... grrrrrrrrrr...

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