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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

todae~ we have 4 free period.. "sien"..

so we decided to play "mafia".. `killer & `detective.
after playing.. after recess.. we change another game which is 'truth or 'dare.
all just asking da same question. :" when is ur 1st kiss? "
haha swt laa.. my n sam not playing. (:
den they all change it to `dare or `dare. haha..
ken kena dare to make pose.. so he make *spiderman, *witch, *ultraman ~ n few more.. hahaha..
den shareen's turn kena.. she have to jump n touch de .... duno call wat..
den joshii's turn.. lol.. he have to do 20s pumping.. & another turn `shuffle..(:
so now is suppose to be Zaidi's period so since he's going for MSSD.. izit? lol den PN.ANG come in for releave. once she come in.. she want to check our nails. i kena n shreen too.. den shareen go cut her nails 1st.. den my turn i dun care.. lol.. n she dont even rmb laa.. who care kay?!!?? after that.. she ask us do our homework n keep quiet, sit down.. den she da once mumbling.. !@#$%^& .. SHUT-UP la~ zheng yi they all ask :" eh teacher, u releave 2period ah? " den i say :" if she releave 2period we die liao lor. " i say it not too loud not too soft. i dun care she hear or not. hahaha.. wtv~ ahhh..

after she ciaoz.. PN.ERNICE come in for releave too.. den we take pictures of de B.O.D for da samudra.. (kacau ni).. lol..

hmm friends.. did i change? shareen say yes. ><" i must not change.. =p

spiderken~ ( da video take to long time to upload so i lazy upload laa (: )

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