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Monday, February 11, 2008

10 feb 08..

today.. morning.. buffet breakfast.. got japanese, chinese, malay,western food ~ woooo.. so ful la.. hahaha.. hape full tummy ^^ den after eat.. rest 1hr+ den we go for swimming ^^ swimming for 45mints. den we bath n change den we go for lunch.. we are all seperated.. my mom n dad don wan to come. so we have 3groups.. 2ppl each ^^ i go for japanese @ Zipangu .. me n my uncle.. my 2nd sis go Shang palace as chinese food.. she n aunti.. den last my youngest sis wit my grandma.. buffet lucnh.. wit all diff style food as i mentioned up there.. n the place call Lemon Garden.. ok.. im seriously so full !! hahaha.. come back.. rest n sleep.. den around 4:30.. me n my 2nd sis n my grandma... go up to have our tea time.. ^^ i love cheese cakes ^^ lalalala.. den come back.. i do my mask & spa.. around 5:30 i changee n make-up everything.. den we go for dinner wit our whole family ^^ .. lalala.. @ da dinner.. i din really eat.. im full wit my hape stomach ^^ den after dinner.. mummy n daddyy fetch us go back to hotel n aunt n uncle go back theirself.. cox dis is a SECRET.. kekeke..

11 feb 08..

im so lazy to wake.. around 9 i wake up n i go up for a simple breakfast buffet.. wit my 2 sista n my grandma.. den my aunt n uncle.. they go down to Lemon Garden to have big buffet breakfast... after eatin. i come back n cont my beauty sleep ^^.. so now. i have to wait till 2o'clock to go for lunch buffet ^^ .. n u know wat? I'VE GAIN WEIGHT!! OLLY MAMA!! .. 46kg -- > 47kg .. SOBSOB LAAAA... nvm .. schl reopen.. i can go back to my own weight 45/46.. kekeke.. kay.. byebye .. i stop here.. ready for my lunch ^^ muackxx

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