Daess (:

Saturday, February 09, 2008

5th feb 08 (:

todae.. after schl.. i clean my room.. MY GOD ..!! wonder how many daes nvr clean liao... swtss.. while cleaning.. i've found alot old past letters.. i read all.. n i decided to throw.. it all 2006 letters.. letters bout probs btw me n lowmeiyee.. love letters/appologize letter from chong lin.. wow.. i read all.. n it all reminds me.. n it making me CRY LA!! but i nvr.. becox it is all PAST .. so n finally i decide to throw all while keeping it is useless.. time wont go back n blabla. after clean.. wow.. IT RUSHING LAA!! DONT RUSH ME.. IT MESS ME UP U GOD!! dinner.. my uncle bring us kids to have dinner at somewhere near my boi's hse.. a SEAFOOD restaurant!! yummy.. den after dinner .. me n my 2nd sista go to my cousin's hse to sleepover n me n my cousin we make our own nail art ^^

6th feb 08 ~

going to sunway wit my darling.. he buy few shirts n he buy me 1 PINK PUSSYCAT shirt.. ermmm it a small jacket witout sleeves n wit a hoody ^^ .. cost rm109!!! ok.. den atnite have dinner at puchong.. (: after dinner.. my uncle bring all we dis kiddy to neway.. n i drink 2 bottles KAMPAI.. ^^ den b4 dat at dinnr i drink i glass red wine.. kekeke

7th feb 08 ~

todae is da 1st day of new yr.. n ofcox im so happy.. cox got ANG PAU !! .. errrr lots event.. lazy to write till so details .. hehe ..

11 feb 08 ~

afternoon mom bring us go to her boss hse @ megah new my dear hse.. so mummy allowed me to go his hse to get ang pau.. ^^ atnite.. my n my 2 sista wit my grandma go to shang-ri la hotel to stay until monday ^^ tmr i'll hv japanese buffet for breakfast n lunch !! MY GOD.. so happe.. kk.. after i reach da hotel room.. me n my 2nd sis 1st go in to de toilet n have our own spa n we do mask too.. kekee.. so goodnight.. tmr continue kie.. night ppl ^^

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