dae (:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

sien.. todae lazy wake up so i ask my grandpa fetch me to schl (: hmmm so after pn.liew's class.. is supose to be pn.harminder class.. i mean WBS.. den she's late.. so i continue do my ath work laa.. suddenly.. i feel why is sam's table pushing my chair? den i sit my chair with 2legs la.. sudenly i fall down =.= .. thx to? chin hong sang & loh kar chun ~ they two were fighting.. i meant playing type laa.. swt.. den after recess. .we going to bilik tayangan to watch twister.. wow ~ hahaa.. there is some hot chicks.. lol.. n de tornado is seems to be scary for me~ lalallaa.. after schl.. me n josh staying for interact.. so sam come along wit us.. after dat.. we walk back to schl.. da backgate/hallgate is all LOCK!! no man!! we were planning to jump in form da hallgate but fail. den we run all da way to frontgate =.=.. and it killing me laa.. so dam freakin exhaust.. lahh~ wtv.. so dat's for todae..

i've change ><" NO!!

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