ishhh !!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

another day.. ytd.. we cant go out.. so we decide to go out today.. (: early morning 7sometihng im edi cant sleep cos im too hapi i can go out wit him.. so around 9 sometihng.. i finish bath make-up n everything nice nice.. den 9:45 i call him wake n guess wat??? he HEADACHE , STOMACH NOT FEELING WELL.. so wat mean now??? CANCEL LAA!! NOT GOING D!!.. wat fuck laaaaaa????? y must de GOD give me all dis ???? DO U KNOW HOW HARD TO GRAB A CHANCE TO GO OUT WIT MY BOI!!!????!... FCUK FCUK FCUK!!! no bodi can understand my feeling now.. im actually ok.. BUT ALL MY FAMILY ARE OUT N LEFT ME ALONE AT HOME N CANCEL MY OUTING AGAIN!! so wat do think my feeling will b?? from a dran hapie mood ---> DARN FUCKING NO MOOOD !! wat laaaa???? u know de feeling is like from heaven drop down to HELL!! sorry laa i cant tahan la.. dam pist is.. i bath, finish make-up , where my baju nice nice.. take my bag.. DEN U TELL ME CANCEL ?? ish.. i whack de wall . i cry !! nvm laa.. useless to be no mood.. i'll b ok later while.. my mom say she'll come back fecth me go out wit them to seee car.. OK.. better than being emo at home.. ISH!! n i sms-ed him said " nex ttime i don wan go out d " .. oni on my bday dat day.. ONCE IS ENOUGH!! i don wan to dissapointed again!!FCUK!

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